Making Money Through Map-Based Mobile Apps

Last month, I placed a consultancy bid on a project that was advertised by a local start-up that specializes in developing mobile maps. You see, I happen to be a mapping expert, and the start-up in question had placed an advert, inviting mapping experts to place bids for a consultancy contract. So it is against that background that I placed my bid. Unfortunately, it seems as if I didn’t win the contract — due to what I believe were underhand deals — wink, wink .-)

maps app

One of the issues I’d probably have handled in the course of the consultancy, had I won the contract, would probably have been that of app-monetization: the question of how money can be made through map-based mobile apps. And although they didn’t give me the consultancy contract, I will nonetheless still go right ahead and give them a brief explanation on how they can make money through their map-based mobile apps.

In a nutshell, one way of making money through map-based mobile apps is by putting the apps for sale on any one of the app stores. However, given the proliferation of free map-based mobile apps, the apps you put for sale (which you expect people to pay for), will need to have unique features: otherwise folks will just go for the free map apps. Another way of making money through map-based mobile apps is by offering the apps for free (as free downloads), but then making money through advertising. This is a viable model, and you could actually end up earning more from adverts than you’d make by selling the app directly. You just have to look at sites which are financed through ad revenues, like the one where I found this review of the Macys Insite website, to appreciate that the ad revenue model is a very viable one.